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"I think that it can be a great tool to put people together and make networking really efficient. I did establish some contacts and will get in touch with them to follow up with lunch, etc..."

- Robert Santry
- Goldman Sachs

"It was an exceptional experience for myself and I believe for the other individuals I spoke with. It is a very useful tool for a number of different applications. I am excited for the opportunity to use this in my own organization in the future. I am definitely going to reach out and spread the word. I am excited about BlitzTime!"

- Christopher Souza
- New England Data Services

"I really enjoyed the 1 hour Spin Cycle blitz. It's been fantastic. I've met several individuals that I look forward to helping in my business. It seems like a fantastic way to network... I'm extremely impressed and I'll make sure I pass the word along to other people about how great this is."

- Jay Newton
- Service Delivery, Dell Inc.

"This is the second session I've been on, and in both cases I've met and spoken with people that I'm planning to network with. Anyone who has any kind of networking aspirations should certainly sign up and become an active member. "

- Jim Noble
- Manpower Professional Staffing

"This been a great tool. A great opportunity to meet a new person, which I did today. I like the structure of having a finite amount of time, so you can identify people you'd like to continue relationships with but you're not wasting a whole lot of time with people who don't have the synergy."

- John Bates
- The Job Guy

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