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"On my first ever Blitz - it's extremely interesting. The time limits help you get to the point. You get to trade information and find out what other people are doing. It's very interesting, and enjoyable too."

- Ben Caron

"It's a phenomenal platform - I really think you guys have something different in the market. It's like speed dating but for networking."

- Justin Levy
- Restauranter and Social Media Expert

"BlitzTime is amazing! It gives you a chance to connect with people you otherwise wouldn't get to talk to. I'm having the best time!"

- Mary Davis
- Blogger at Working Mother

"This is an excellent tool - I think you guys are on to something really special here and unique. You have me hooked here."

- Robert Feeney
- Executive Sales Manager, Gage Marketing

"I love it! It's absolutely phenomenal. I'm going to be spreading the word on Twitter and LinkedIn today. You guys have the opportunity here to build a phenomenal social network that actually is really social and drives revenue for people."

- Kevin M Huff
- Trainer, Marketer, Coach, and Leader

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