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"This has been an amazing experience. I have appreciated all of the different conversations I've had. You've come up with a very unique for people to be able to connect across the country, and share your ideas about what companies and services are being offered."

- Deb Hess
- Minnesota Inventors Congress

"I want to thank you for arranging this wonderful piece of technology that helps a lot of people. I got a lot out of being a participant in this speed relating, networking online activity. I look forward to making the most of all the wonderful resources you've put together to help people network better."

- Gerald Haman
- SolutionPeople Innovation

"My name is Larry Straining and this is my first blitz event. After a couple of conversations, I realized that this is kinda fun! I look forward to future events. Thanks for giving me the opportunity."

- Larry Straining
- Innovation and Technology Leader

"Great event - I love the shortness of the sessions. It forces you to not get lost in chit-chat, but you stay focused to find out if there is a great reason to connect later. I think it's very convenient - I'm involved in other networking events where you have to do breakfasts and lunches, and deal with travel time. This is very convenient, very user friendly so far. I highly recommend it - thank you so much."

- Steve Von Hoene
- Dream Manager LinkedIn Group

"BlitzTime is so focused and unbelievable opportunity to turn around and really share information and meet people briefly. It's a quality driven timeframe where you need to be very focused in identifying what your desires are and how you can help each other. Highly recommend it - be focused and ready to rock and roll. It's a great opportunity. Go Blitz!"

- Dawn V. Gay
- Principal at CSC

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