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"This is a great forum and great tool to facilitate connections, to grow my professional network as well as an opportunity to exchange ideas. The format is good, and it allows a lot of time to connect with individuals to find out if they have a need or can help you out."

- Everett D. Jones
- Senior HR Staffing Consultant

"This is my first Blitz. I was not aware immediately of how the process works, but I am now. Speaking with people every 5 minutes was a great way to connect, share my knowledge and information. I can't wait for the next one, and I look forward to Blitzing with everyone."

- Jill C Tarbox
- VP Community Relations

"This is Sharon Johnston - and its first time with BlitzTime. I'm very impressed. I've always wanted my LinkedIn relationships to have more depth and this is a catalyst to allow LinkedIn users to add something more valuable, rather than just the first connection. Thank you for creating this innovative opportunity, and I'm glad I can be a part of it."

- Sharon McKie-Johnston
- HR Professional

"I want to thank Brent Trethewey for inviting me to participate in BlitzTime - this is my first time. I'm certainly going to continue to do it. I've found this interesting, stimulating, and a great way to widen our professional business networks for a purpose that is pure, authentic and great. Once you learn about what your peers are doing, you can determine how to help them out - and in turn help out your clients or customers."

- Bill Reed
- Chair, Vistage International

"This has been quite a revelation - very cool concept. Very direct, I got to meet people I ordinarily wouldn't meet in a tremendous environment. I'm very excited about the concept. "

- Bill Rosenberg

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