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"On BlitzTime, you get an opportunity to speak to all of the people in a network for a short period of time to see if you can do business. In other networking sessions, you only get to talk to 3 or 4 people, and you get locked in - you don't get to see everybody."

- Anya Studenc Downing
- Imperial Image

"This has been a great experience. It's different - I've never done anything like this before. Getting the intro on the computer screen gives you a heads up on people's backgrounds. I would definitely do this again - I met some very interesting women today."

- Judie VanKooiman

"My name is Marguerite Dorn from 'The New Having it All'. This was my first Blitz event and I think it was just fantastic. It's a very efficient and yet personal way to connect with a diverse group of people, and to access out into networks that one wouldn't normally connect with."

- Marguerite M. Dorn, Esq.

"This gave me an opportunity to meet people I would not otherwise meet. I really enjoyed the short, pointed conversations because it helped us keep on track. Thank you."

- Kate Hyland Mercer
- Business Adventure Guide

"I think BlitzTime is a great idea - a good way to have contact with people who are not able to physically be in the same area. I expect that BlitzTime will increase in popularity - and I am going to use it again."

- Avery Gimble
- CEO, Innovative Video Productions

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