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"I'm very happy with BlitzTime - I was able to meet quite a few people. I love how it's structured. You have a certain amount of time to talk; and the quality of the people on the calls is also a great thing since it is often hard to get in touch with other executives."

- Bob Hackenson
- Trade Show Specialist, Dynamic Influence

"I thought the format is great. It's very segmented and structured to coordinate business. A lot of networking events in person turn out to be a social event and do not really have a business discussion. Even though we're not meeting with people (on BlitzTime), we seem to accomplish more in a short amount of time to deliver our message effectively to the people we're working with, so I think it's a great format."

- Brian McLaughlin
- VP - New England Home Funding

"I think BlitzTime is a revolutionary concept in networking!"

- Regi Sasso

"I liked it very much. It was very different, but very focused and a good use of time - being able to log on and meet people in a 1-on-1 session after getting content from the moderator."

- Adrian Davis
- Expert in sales and customer strategy.

"I found it very interesting. I made some great networking opportunities that I will be following up on. So I'm very excited to try it again."

- Carla Braun Hixson
- Associate VP, Bismarck State College

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