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"I'm finding this very helpful to me. You get a quick idea of what people are about, sharing some valuable overview of what I'm about; and then looking in a very focused way to where we can connect and mutually support each other. There's real potential in that idea in having quick hits and looking for common ground."

- Eric Doctors
- Creativity & Talent Development Consultant

"I thought this was very interesting - and the speed forces you to get to the point and not do so much chit-chat. The speed allows you to meet more people faster, instead of feeling like you have to make an excuse at a networking event to walk away and meet other people. Thank you."

- Hazel Wagner PhD
- PhD author, speaker, power brainstorming

"It was my first time using BlitzTime today, and I definitely would say it's an interesting experience. The people I talked to were interested in networking and really wanted to speak with people and answer questions, ask questions, and get some feedback. Compared to other networking events, I felt that the people here were much stronger leads than the people I met at other networking events."

- Jacquelyn Mariani
- SMB Account Manager at Softmart

"I think this is a fabulous tool. It's a great way to meet people with the purpose of networking - find out if there is a match and determine what the next step is. Often you go to networking events and you might spend a good part with one person, and there really isn't a connect. Or, you might not have a lot of time to meet people at the event because you are seated at the table and stuck with the people there. This has been fantastic. Thank you."

- Joan Ziegler
- Director of Business Development

"This has been a very interesting session. I feel like I connected with a few people who were very interesting and I had a lot in common with. In all but one case, I definitely want to follow up to try to help them and hopefully they can help me."

- Jocelyn Canfield
- Graphic Designer and Photographer, Communication Results

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