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"I just want to say, what an amazing tool BlitzTime is, and I look forward to using it for our Next Level events in the future. It is really a great way for people to connect without distractions, either before or after an event - or over a great distance when people don't have the opportunity to meet face to face."

- Mike Langford
- CEO, Next Level Executives

"The concept that you can network with people over the phone is fuzzy, but doing it - it is a brilliant concept! I am really glad I participated, and I will absolutely do this again."

- Catie Foertsch
- President, Our Town Productions

"It was a great experience - got to meet some folks and get an idea of how BlitzTime works, think of some applications in the other groups I belong to. I enjoyed it and hope to do another one soon. "

- George Cox
- Financial Advisor, Merrill Lynch

"It cuts out the fluff in conversation - we're here to meet one another and find out what we can offer. BlitzTime is a fantastic opportunity to meet new people to offer my services to, and I have so far met someone that has services that I could be interested in the near future. "

- Aaron Richman
- Printing, Advertising, and Private Jets

"I definitely see this as an effective tool for being able to quickly meet new people. The great benefit is that, sometimes you go to an event and you can't get rid of a person - well, the clock's going to shut them off; so that's pretty effective. We are going to talk further about how this could be used at trade shows - because I believe before and after could be quite effective."

- Jason Kallio
- Trade Show Strategist

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