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"This is Andrew Jellison - so far it's been very successful. I'm surprised at how quickly and smoothly the transitions have been between different calls. It's a good overall amount of time to get your message across as well as to listen to a number of different people in different industries and verticals."

- Andrew Jellison
- All Business Communications

"This service has been excellent. It's definitely an opportunity to extend my network and meet new people, so I'm very pleased."

- Jeremy Morgan
- Sr. Partner, OfferGlobe Partners

"This is Liz Scully, and I think this is a wonderful and very efficient / time efficient way to meet lots of great people. I'm making some very interesting connections tonight. Thank you!"

- Liz Scully
- Scully Group Websites

"I believe this is a phenomenal concept - and totally different. I didn't have to leave my house, I'm actually sitting in chair having time to network with people. I think it's an awesome system - thanks again for this opportunity and I look forward to other calls."

- Mellisa Brathwaite
- Sr. Associate at United First Financial

"I thought BlitzTime is a great concept. It's nice to be able to do it from the warmth of your office and not have to run around the city and connect with trains. It was great to connect with professionals in different fields and find a way to increase our networks."

- Tiffany Freud
- Business Development for Accolo

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