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"I have found BlitzTime to be extremely engaging, very concise, and it has a very good purpose for getting people connected to the people they need to connect with and generating excellent ideas. I hope to use it many times in the future. Thank you so much. "

- Alia Selim
- Well-Rounded Training Extraordinaire

"This is my first experience with BlitzTime. I found it very interesting. I found it very cool to meet people from all over the country and the world. I will continue to participate and find groups that are helpful for me and maybe I can help others as well."

- Irit Oren

"You can't even compare this to any networking event that I've attended. This is beyond anything that I've experienced. I've made 5 contacts in a short period of time vs I may have attended a live event that lasted 2 hours and maybe come away with 1 or 2. This has been invaluable to me."

- Jerry Manas
- The Marengo Group

"This was a wonderful experience. I got to meet a lot of people in disciplines not similar to mine - lots of new ideas. It was great - thanks."

- John David Larkin Nolen
- Creative Engineer/Physician

"This is my first time with BlitzTime, and I find it amazingly helpful. My initial reaction was one of interest, and now one of definite recommendation to other people in non-profit and other areas, because this really is attracting an audience that is a lot deeper than just technology and early adopters."

- Rusty Citron
- The Actors Hall of Fame Foundation

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