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"This is the second Blitz that I've done - and I really like the concept. I think it's only a matter of time and it's really going to catch on."

- Robert Corak
- President CorTechs Software

"I found BlitzTime to be a well organized and professional networking site, and think that this is a technology that has a lot of promise for a lot of venues."

- Amanda Veith
- Accent on Action

"I really think this an interesting, really cool concept. So far in the first session I've been involved with, I've met some people I can immediately do business together, network together, and possibly do some future things together."

- Chris Rohland
- Metro Boston

"It's great to have BlitzTime to connect with old friends and colleagues as well as potential clients. With everyone's busy schedules, it's very time efficient and effective. So check out BlitzTime!"

- Coach DQ
- Career Life Coach

"I'm very enthused about the chance to increase my sphere of influence of contacts. They can help me out, I can help them out. It's the old mantra of what goes around comes around. If you're able to refer someone to another business, someone else will refer to you another business."

- David Jacobs
- Office Depot

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