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"This is my first session, and I thought it was really great. I took advantage of speed networking, but I could do it from the comfort of my office or home. The people I met were really great, and so I think I'd like to participate again. "

- David O'Neil
- Story Trust

"I thought this was a very enlightening experience. It was very interesting, and I hope to do it again sometime soon."

- Holly Kouvo
- Personal Trainer

"I wanted to just say I had a positive experience. Sharing a few minutes with those across various industries and various markets. It's a great way to bring active networkers together to share our experience, and share our network, and share who we know. Keep doing what you're doing BlitzTime!"

- Joel LeBlanc
- National Sales Manager CACSI

"I think this is absolutely fabulous. BlitzTime is the networking modality not only of the future - but of the now. This is the way to do it - to sit here in your house or office or home office - or wherever, and I even had one on the road..."

- Lindsy Parker
- Publicity Expert

"This was a fantastic tool for me to expand my marketing efforts. Integrated with my LinkedIn profile this has certainly been helpful."

- Nick Inglis
- Advertising Executive

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