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"This is Gyee O'Malley with LiveLogic. I've had a ball just talking to the different people. I recently moved to the Boston area, so I'm looking forward to meeting new people and networking. Thank you for the good work - and I'll be joining BlitzTime again and again. "

- Gyee O'Malley
- BI Consultant @ LiveLogic

"So far I think this thing is very unique; very effective. Instead of having a speed networking event where you get 1 minute to tell people what you do; you get to have a more in depth conversation with people to hear what they do and tell them more about yourself. I think this is great, and I plan to use it more and more."

- Chad Steiner
- MetroWest Financial Partners

"This is Jim Stroud. I'm a new user of BlitzTime, and I have to say I just love this service. There are so many people that have 5, 10, 15 thousand contacts on LinkedIn or MySpace or Facebook. But if you were to ask them - how many of these people do you actually know? How much time have you actually spent with them conversing? It's probably less than 10. So I really appreciate your service. I'm finding a lot of people, I'm having fun; and I will be using it again, again, again, and again!"

- Jim Stroud
- Social Media Developer, EnglishCafe

"This is Susan - I am trying out the Spin Cycle and test driving BlitzTime today. I have to say I am already hooked. I look forward to future BlitzTime events and networking with others. I look forward to more to come."

- Susan (Kang) Nam
- Sourcing Specialist

"BlitzTime certainly is an interesting application of networking across timezones, geographic areas, and even industries. I look forward to seeing its development and using it to create success for my organization."

- Sam Wholley
- Baker Tilly

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