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"This is Dr. Wright - so far I really, really, really dig BlitzTime. I'm really going to work on bringing some of my tribe over here. Thank you very much!"

- Dr. Letitia Wright
- Wright Place TV Show

"This is my second BlitzTime, and it was even better than the first time; because I got a little more comfortable with it. It's exciting talking to new people. I've already made some really great connections - and have a good way to connect with them afterwards."

- Rebecca Blayney
- SendOutCards

"I love BlitzTime; this is my second time going through the system. I've met a lot of great people - and it seems to get smoother each round. The people who are participating are more familiar with how it works, so everybody is contributing more the more we do it. This is fantastic!"

- Teresa Carvalho
- Marketing Vice President

"I enjoyed the training event and also the afterevent with networking. I did enjoy the conversations with various people from all walks of life, and to hear different stories. This is a good opportunity for networking and I hope to continue to use it."

- Terence Chuhay
- Environmental Scientist

"Wow - what an awesome tool to help me get back on track with my networking; and also to help me better utilize LinkedIn. Awesome experience. Thank you."

- Linda Dudley
- Human Resources

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