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"I found BlitzTime to be extremely positive. I've met some very interesting people who are looking to help me, and who I can also help out. I think it's a great idea that people should be signing up for and utilizing. Thank you."

- Wendy Juengerkes
- Account Implementation Manager

"This is very effective for online networking. The content of this session was very valuable. I hope I helped some other people, and I also got some networking tips myself. Very valuable - and I hope to attend more of these."

- Robert Schimenti
- Business Development Manager

"My first experience with BlitzTime - I'm enjoying it so far. Seems to be a lot of nice people here - and I'll leave here with some ideas today. Thank you."

- George Wentz
- Sales

"The ability to network from your home or office drastically reduces the amount of time, energy, resources, and money it takes to attend the networking groups that are out there. So now I can bring this platform to my existing groups and associations I belong to. I can also start new groups and run them in the most efficient way - and that would include monthly face to face meetings and weekly phone based Blitz sessions."

- Brent Trethewey
- President, ID Group

"This has been a wonderful BlitzTime event. Great ideas, great people. Just keep it going - this is innovative. It saves a lot of time, money, and travel. I appreciate it."

- Carl Wirth

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