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"This is Jim Freeman from Freeman Marketing Research. I've found that BlitzTime is perhaps one of the best and most innovative ways to connect with people I haven't met. It's great because right now I'm calling from my cell phone on the road, and I can do networking without having to be in my office. "

- Jim Freeman
- Principal at FMR

"This is Chew Hoong, and thank you for another great way to connect with people. I'm sitting in commuting traffic while I'm doing some quality networking. I look forward to doing more of this and spreading the word about BlitzTime."

- ChewHoong K
- Business Development

"My name is Chris and I've found the BlitzTime networking structure to be pretty cool. It puts you in touch with people of different varieties. It removes the uncomfortableness of having to lead a conversation. The timer is helpful in making sure you use your time efficiently."

- Chris Ensley
- Event Participant

"This is Rita - this is actually lots of fun! Connecting with individuals and talking with them on the phone. This round robin process is great - you really are talking to great people. I'm hoping that after this session you send this info out to individuals again to refresh their memory."

- Rita Battle
- Career TurboCharger

"I think it's fascinating to have actually done a Blitz. I've learned so much, met so many people. It's very very interesting. Give it a try - you'll love it. You don't know why it's going to great until you do it. Once you do it, you get it."

- Larry Lawfer
- Your Story

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