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"I just wanted to give a little feedback about the session. I'm really enjoying having the opportunity to network with people, not just in Fresno county but all over. I think it's a very fast and convenient way to meet new people. I hope to utilize this service in the future."

- Paula Blanchard
- Human Resources Consortium, Inc.

"This has been great - I love this! I love being able to connect with something that works in my schedule. I can do it at home, at the office - I can do it when it's convenient to me, and that's wonderful!"

- Reina Isaac
- Signal Communication Systems

"Very great experience. It's a good way to talk to people and save time, without having to drive anywhere to get together with a bunch of people. Thank you."

- Robert Lim
- Financials Services Professional

"I think this seems like a very outstanding platform to conduct networking. Congratulations and well done - I think it looks great."

- Jeff Garr
- President HR Knowledge

"I really enjoyed my first BlitzTime session. It seems to be really clear as to how it works; and the call-in works the first time which is not always the case in the webinar world. I like the interstitials put up, and the ability to brand those during the call; and I met some great people. All in all a positive experience."

- Dave Evans
- Digicraft

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