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"This is my first Blitz, and to me it seems like an effective way for connecting with people and expanding your business. It's an interesting concept and I wish you the best of luck expanding it across the globe. I look forward to sitting in on more events."

- Ed Jaworski

"I did enjoy using BlitzTime very much. I find it's a great way to communicate with other people, especially if you can't make a meeting. It's very easy to use, and it's nice that we can make alterations if we need to."

- Suzanne Cyr
- Printer

"I have to say that BlitzTime is definitely a plus for any business. If you want to know what is new and can benefit your practice, you have got to try BlitzTime - it is awesome. I have met so many people from so many different companies; and it is great to connect with people on a professional BlitzTime. Thank you BlitzTime!"

- Lisa Forbes
- CEO, Perfect Solutions

"This is my first time on this process, invited by Deb Mullen. It's probably the best thing she's ever done for me. Absolutely phenomenal in terms of the opportunity. I wasn't sure what to expect, but I met a bunch of tremendous people. Great concept, keep up the good work."

- Paul Palermo
- United First Financial

"I am having a wonderful time using BlitzTime. It is a great way to introduce yourself and your business. I'm looking forward to using this more in the future to build business relationships as well as to take the conversations offline."

- Felicia S. Richardson
- Pre-Paid Legal Services

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