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Coaching Sales, Marketing and Creative Entrepreneurs to accelerate their careers so they can love their life!
Career & Life Coaching in person and phone , world-wide

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Current Work:
  • Career Life Coach & Radio Show Host at Career Life Balance
  • Previous Work:
  • Executive Recruiter at Boston Professional Search/StaffingNOW!
  • Recruiter at Fanning & Fanning Interactive
  • Education:
  • Bachelors Business, Frank Sawyer School of Management, Suffolk University
  • Documents:

    Job Search Strategies, Interviewing, Negotiations, resumes, assisting clients with gaining more clarity, motivation, and inspiration. MS Office Suite, basic audio editing, and a natural ability to connect people to the resources to help them move forward.

    Detailed Experience Summary:

    Career Life Coach & Radio Show Host at Career Life Balance
    November 2002 - Present

    Radio Show Host & Producer CLB Radio. Fridays 9:05am EST Live on www.WNRI.com *********************** As a certified professional coach I help sales, marketing, advertising, and creative entrepreneurs with managing the pipe-line and supporting you with resources so you can balance working on and working in the business. Who says you can't have Career Life Balance. Isn't that in part why you went into business for yourself? I also coach clients through career transitions, help with resume & job search strategies, interviewing, salary negotiation and time/stress management.

    Executive Recruiter at Boston Professional Search/StaffingNOW!
    January 2000 - June 2002

    • Recruited to launch new division, increase visibility and generate revenue in new markets • Responsible for the recruitment and placement of candidates in Sales, Advertising, and Marketing • Cultivated relationships by cold calling (70 – 80 average per day) to increase job opportunities for prospective applicants • Conducted interviews, trained, coached and assisted candidates with resume and cover letter writing techniques • Utilized on line and off line job search strategies to increase candidate interviews, partnered with hiring managers and human resource professionals to ensure the most successful job fill • Produced and executed direct mail campaigns, client proposals, weekly reports and performed all administrative duties • Three time Winner “Brass Ring Award 2002” (for Performance), MVP Award 2001, the Ritz Trip 2001, Top Biller Awarded March, April, June and July 2002 (#1 out of 8 offices)

    Recruiter at Fanning & Fanning Interactive
    March 1997 - December 1999

    Hired to develop new business and place Administrative and Executive Assistants •Promoted after one year to develop new division – Fanning Interactive •Placed candidates, solicited referrals, researched, qualified and recruited candidates via cold calling and networking •Negotiated and closed contract placement fees with Human Resources and Hiring Managers •Prepared and coached candidates for single and multi-round interviews with retained client companies •Made Record breaking fees in a company with a 30 year history ’99, Rookie of the Year ‘98

    Detailed Education Summary:

    Bachelors Business, Frank Sawyer School of Management, Suffolk University
    January 2005

    Peer Mentor Cum Laude Student Tutor

    Conversation History: (104 total)

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    01/07/10 Michael Wolf
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    09/10/09 Clarissa Winchester
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    09/10/09 Nolan Collins
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    06/03/09 Sheila McCarthy
    06/03/09 Kristi Arndt
    06/03/09 Nathan Therrien
    06/03/09 Amy Grossman
    06/03/09 Mark O'Brien
    06/03/09 Jeremy Richman
    06/03/09 Lisa M. Forbes
    06/03/09 Jim Conant
    06/03/09 Jackie M. Nagel
    06/03/09 Shella Fitzpatrick
    05/20/09 Jeff D'Urso
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    05/20/09 Sheila McCarthy
    05/20/09 Kevin Donahue
    05/20/09 Brenda Gelston
    05/20/09 Anna Siverling
    05/20/09 Phil Hamilton
    05/20/09 Jay Groccia
    05/20/09 Suzanne Kellner-Zinck
    05/20/09 Ed Chapman
    05/20/09 Margie Basaraba
    05/20/09 CJ Bowker
    05/20/09 Mark O'Brien
    05/20/09 Lael Johnson
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    03/31/09 Stephanie Cockerl
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    02/23/09 Tony Mack
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    01/27/09 Shella Fitzpatrick
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    01/27/09 Laura Bonetzky-Joseph
    01/27/09 Don Oehlert
    10/15/08 Karen Vaillancourt
    10/15/08 Mike Sachleben
    10/15/08 Karen Servance
    10/15/08 Sharon McKie-Johnston
    10/15/08 Mary Gunn
    10/15/08 Deb Mullen
    10/15/08 Doug Beck
    10/13/08 Karen Vaillancourt
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