Bradley J. Van Dussen
Customer service guru
Natick , MA

Bradley J. Van Dussen's Networking Photo

Current Work:
  • President at Corp.
  • Previous Work:
  • Owner at Shot Block Promotions, Inc.
  • Education:
  • Bachelor of Arts, Economics, St. Lawrence University

  • Summary:
    Turning customers into advocates by proactively asking for their feedback.
    Customer Service Presentations to Front Line Staff.

    Creating feedback forms for companies - the actual question and responses.

    Detailed Experience Summary:

    President at Corp.
    April 2000 - Present

    Founded CustomersFirst to assist customer-focused companies obtain, understand and learn from their customers' feedback.

    Owner at Shot Block Promotions, Inc.
    August 1992 - December 2003

    Created the New England Volleyball Series - organizing and promoting beach volleyball events in ME, NH, MA, RI and CT.

    Detailed Education Summary:

    Bachelor of Arts, Economics, St. Lawrence University
    May 1984

    Semester in Spain
    Lacrosse & Soccer
    Intramural softball director
    Beach Volleyball

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