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Executive Director, Superseed
Boston , MA

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Current Work:
  • Executive Director at Superseed
  • Education:
  • MFA, Communication Design, California Institute of the Arts
  • BFA, Design, University of Michigan

  • Summary:
    Award-winning agency creative director and brand strategy expert with MFA who combines marketing, business, design & technology to deliver profitable results. Experience with top tier brands including CBS, Microsoft, Apple, Sun, Vistaprint, American Airlines, Wal-Mart, GM and Orbitz.

    Served on board of directors for the American Center for Design, colleges and community non-profits. Taught design at USC and other colleges. National awards & work published in The Wall Street Journal, LA Times, Metropolis, The One Show, Emigre and many books.

    Margo has lived in Boston, NYC, LA, Chicago, Silicon Valley and Tunisia. She enjoys entrepreneurship, speaking, teaching, advising, consulting and collaborative project work.
    Superseed provides strategic creative services for start-up ventures, mid-growth firms and businesses who need to seed growth with an efficient process and cost-effective package.

    Specialize in brand-building, design and integrated marketing to increase sales and grow business for Fortune 1000 to start-up ventures.

    Expert in visual design, interactive, internet user experience, branding, marketing, advertising, usability, social media and other emerging trends.

    Detailed Experience Summary:

    Executive Director at Superseed
    January 2002 - Present

    Superseed is a creative agency applying brand strategy, design process and integrated marketing to increase business return. We translate business strategy into powerful solutions with poignant positioning, compelling visual messages, and a brand experience architecture that captivates your audience. As a strategic design firm we use brand identity, web design, graphic design, marketing, advertising, blogs, widgets, social networking and web 2.0 design to fuel new ventures, enhance targeted campaigns, better customer experience, upgrade existing brands and grow business.

    Detailed Education Summary:

    MFA, Communication Design, California Institute of the Arts
    May 1993

    BFA, Design, University of Michigan
    August 1986

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