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Watertown , MA

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Current Work:
  • Principal/Senior Partner and Producer at BuzzFlix Media
  • Education:
  • BS , Digital Media Production, New England Institute Of Art
  • Advertising, University of Pittsburg
  • Performance, Drums and percussion, Berklee College Of Music

  • Summary:
    Mark is the founder of and executive producer for BuzzFlix Media, an award winning video and media production company specializing in facilitating companies in leveraging and maximizing the power of video on the web.
    Before starting BuzzFlix Media in 2006 Mark was schooled as a professional musician at Boston%u2019s Berklee College of Music and went on to pursue an international performing and recording career lasting over 20 years, living in New York, Los Angeles and Austin, TX.

    In addition, Mark has worked as a radio-broadcaster, and as an advertising copywriter for New Balance, TJX, Staples, GE, Marriott, BJ%u2019s and many others. He has lent his voice-over skills to hundreds of radio and TV commercials, animations and industrials for Dell, IBM, AMD, Time Warner, Sam%u2019s Club, Blue Cross Blue Shield, New Balance and many more. Acting credits include Indecent Proposal, What%u2019s Love Got To Do With It? In The Line Of Fire and Seinfeld. He makes his home with his FiancÚ in Watertown, MA.
    Professional Copywriter for companies such as TJX, Marriott, Staples, GE Healthcare. Voiceover talent for Dell, IBM, Blue Cross-Blue Shield, Time Warner, New Balance. Videographer and producer for BuzzFlix Media. Professional Musician.

    Detailed Experience Summary:

    Principal/Senior Partner and Producer at BuzzFlix Media
    December 2006 - Present

    As senior Producer, I oversee all our projects at BuzzFlix Media for clents as diverse as SIRIUS XM Radio, Shields Healthcare and APC as well as many other companies. I shoot on-location all over New England. It's the best job I've ever had, and I love working with so many different people and companies to produce video and media that communicates their unique message.

    Detailed Education Summary:

    BS , Digital Media Production, New England Institute Of Art
    September 2009

    Concentration in Corporate Video Production

    Advertising, University of Pittsburg
    January 2005

    Performance, Drums and percussion, Berklee College Of Music
    September 1982

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