Michael Manning   (Back)
MSP For IT Services
Amesbury , MA

Current Work:
  • Owner at Port Technology, Inc
  • Education:
  • BA in Public Relations, Marquette University

  • Detailed Experience Summary:

    Owner at Port Technology, Inc
    July 2002 - Present

    Port Technology, Inc. is a Managed Service Provider, supporting small and mid-size businesses with a broad scope of IT, networking, web-centric and software services. Our core business is the day-to-day management of our clients’ IT systems, aimed at keeping the critical framework of information up and running. We do this by providing the very highest level of customer service, including continual emote monitoring, 24/7 /365 support and troubleshooting services.

    Detailed Education Summary:

    BA in Public Relations, Marquette University
    May 1991

    Conversation History: (35 total)

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    11/21/08 Jim Freeman
    11/21/08 Dan Edmonds
    11/21/08 Larry Blumsack
    11/18/08 Jeremy Morgan
    11/18/08 Mike Sachleben
    11/18/08 Shella Fitzpatrick
    11/18/08 Liz Scully
    11/18/08 Rick Robinson
    11/18/08 Trish Gieraltowski
    11/18/08 Andrew Jellison
    11/18/08 Lindsy Parker
    11/18/08 Deb Mullen
    11/18/08 Jay Groccia
    11/18/08 Christopher Souza
    11/18/08 Richard P. Jussaume
    11/18/08 Lisa Maxwell
    11/18/08 Robin Lanier
    11/18/08 Mike Sachleben
    11/18/08 Itati Moguilner
    11/18/08 Shella Fitzpatrick
    11/18/08 Andrew Rohman
    11/18/08 Dale Donnelly
    10/29/08 Shella Fitzpatrick
    10/29/08 John Konevich
    10/29/08 Lisa M. Forbes
    10/29/08 Shala Phansalkar
    10/29/08 Kenneth Michelson
    10/29/08 Andrew Rohman
    10/29/08 Deb Mullen
    10/29/08 Peter Caputa
    10/29/08 Daniel O.Engelstein
    10/29/08 David O'Neil
    10/29/08 Mike Sachleben
    10/29/08 Dale Donnelly