Jim Stroud
I Love Social Media
Atlanta , GA

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Current Work:
  • Social Media Development Manager at EnglishCafe
  • Entrepreneur at The Recruiters Lounge
  • Previous Work:
  • Technical Sourcing Consultant at Microsoft
  • Searchologist - Internet Researcher at Google
  • Internet Researcher and Competitive Intelligence at Siemens
  • Lanta Technology Group at Account Executive
  • Internet Researcher at MCI

  • Summary:
    Jim Stroud is a Social Media Development Manager for EnglishCafe, the premier English learning community for global professionals. (www.EnglishCafe.com) Its parent company - GlobalEnglish Corporation, is the leading provider of on-demand business English communication learning and support for the world's top companies. GlobalEnglish Corporation was recently named by Deloitte as one of the fastest growing companies in Silicon Valley. In his role, Jim Stroud is primarily responsible for creating content, procuring new members, keeping them happy and maintaining a watchful eye on the competition. (Jim Stroud LOVES his job!)

    Prior to EnglishCafe, Jim Stroud amassed a decade of experience in the Recruiting field. As a self-described -Searchologist, Jim has consulted for such companies as Microsoft, Google, MCI, Siemens and a host of startup companies. When not engaged in Recruitment Research and Competitive Intelligence projects for the aforementioned organizations, Jim created and sold two online properties while managing an award-winning blog - The Recruiters Lounge.

    When he is not online, Jim suffers severe withdrawal pains that can only be soothed by chocolate chip cookies and family time.
    Internet Research, Social Media Development, Competitive Intelligence, Blogging, Podcasting, Creative Writing, Imagination

    Detailed Experience Summary:

    Social Media Development Manager at EnglishCafe
    March 2008 - Present

    Developing and implementing innovative strategies for web-based user procurement. Working with web developers in the design and usability of the web site. Research, analyze, and monitor financial, technological, and demographic factors in order to capitalize on market opportunities and minimize the effects of competitive activity. Plan and oversee the organization's promotion activities specifically linked to its web presence. Develop and recommend online commerce strategy that will result in the greatest share of the market over the long run. Develop competitive market analysis. Initiate and track the effectiveness of outreach programs. Serve as an expert in any and all online content and a thought leader to stakeholders. Lead team of marketing interns, meet weekly to help measure and adjust strategy. Prepares reports, including charts and graphs, and present recommendations for action plans to management. Create online content to include: blogposts, podcasts, videos and comics.

    Entrepreneur at The Recruiters Lounge
    May 2004 - Present

    The Recruiters Lounge is an award-winning blog that explores the wacky world of employment with articles, videos, comics, webinars and podcasts.

    Technical Sourcing Consultant at Microsoft
    April 2005 - March 2008

    Engaged in Strategic Sourcing projects working remotely from Atlanta. Strong focus on recruiting Software Engineers, Software Developers, Programmers, Lead Engineers, Development Mangers, Software Architects and Software Test Engineers in Canada, Mexico, Australia, Europe, Middle East and Asia that are interested in relocating to Microsoft Headquarters in Redmond, WA or the Microsoft Canada Development Center in Vancouver, Canada. I am especially interested in those with a passion for C++.

    Searchologist - Internet Researcher at Google
    December 2004 - April 2005

    Engaged in confidential Strategic Sourcing projects working remotely from Atlanta. Strong focus on recruiting experienced Software Engineers and developing a Talent Pipeline.

    Internet Researcher and Competitive Intelligence at Siemens
    March 2003 - December 2004

    Hired as a consultant within this startup division of consolidated recruitment services. Chief responsibility was sourcing personnel in the areas of Materials, Distribution, Engineering, Factory Automation and Logistics. In regard to Strategic Staffing: · Successfully manipulated the internet for candidate sourcing and lead generation of referrals in support of diverse requisitions on a national basis. · As a resource for future use, created a network of jobseeker groups nationwide. · Leveraged online resources for competitive intelligence. For example, virtual maps of competitors’ operations were created for the purpose of targeting the best talent for certain geographic areas. · Initiated and maintained a database of present and former employees of rival companies · Developed and utilized stratagems on how to generate targeted leads from current employees and gathered metrics to better qualify best practices.

    Lanta Technology Group at Account Executive
    August 1999 - December 2002

    3rd employee hired in this startup organization that focused on staffing post and pre-IPO Internet companies. Generated net revenues for the company surpassing $700,000.00. Said number is representative of fees collected as a result of placing permanent, contract and contract to hire personnel. Responsibilities included serving as Internet Researcher, Lead Recruiter, Business Developer and representing employer at speaking engagements.

    Internet Researcher at MCI
    March 1997 - April 1999

    Initially hired as contract employee with MCI but, acquired a permanent position within a year. 2nd employee hired in this start-up division that focused on Internet Research. Chief responsibility was to source technical personnel via the Internet. Initially screened candidates before presentation to recruiters, then converted to employing a source and select model of research. Successfully sourced 43 hires, in support of 30 recruiters. As a result of team efforts, Internet Research accounted for 20% of all hires. In addition to direct support, proactively facilitated a stream of qualified candidates by implementing initiatives in support of an overall recruiting strategy. Said initiatives included: Diversity Recruitment, Measurement of Recruiting Trends, Virtual Job Fairs, a Corporate Alumni forum and the creation of Jobs2Go, a careersite that promoted MCI as the employer of choice.

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