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Current Work:
  • The Networking Motivator tm at The Networking Motivator Company
  • Membership Director at Clovis Chamber of Commerce
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    I have worked hard to make the Clovis Chamber a leader in networking, social networking and helping our members get the most out of belonging.

    Along the way, I've learned a great deal about networking. I started working out a way to teach it to people in a simple, memorable way. The Five Part Networking Success Plan(tm) will be the basis of my book which is currently being written. You can see a lot of the ideas that are going to go into it through my writings at

    I know my friends here on BlitzTime are already good networkers, but if you ever have a question or situation that you want to put more brains on, email me at and if I don't have an idea, I'll poll the great networkers on my Facebook page.

    Detailed Experience Summary:

    The Networking Motivator tm at The Networking Motivator Company
    October 2010 - Present

    I have attended over 2,000 networking events in the last 7 years. During all that, I watched people like a hawk and discovered that networking has only five simple parts. And that it's possible to network (and network well) in only minutes a day.

    Membership Director at Clovis Chamber of Commerce
    July 2003 - Present

    As Membership Director, I help people in the Clovis/Fresno area get connected with each other and the community. I seek out new businesses to join the Clovis Chamber. I also maintain and develop members only groups and events including 3 leads clubs, mixers, special interest groups, and other membership-oriented special events. These events play a key role in my efforts to retain members.

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    11/19/09 Carol J. Smith
    11/19/09 Patricia Weber
    11/19/09 Mark O'Brien
    11/19/09 Bonnie Dubrow
    11/19/09 Jill Lee
    11/12/09 Biba Pedron
    11/12/09 Mary Fields
    11/12/09 myrna milligan
    11/12/09 Gail Foley
    11/12/09 Sharon Pudleiner
    05/05/09 Sunny Henderson
    03/04/09 Michelle Pannett
    03/04/09 Lee Rabner
    03/04/09 Jay Petersen
    03/04/09 Ed Prince
    03/04/09 Danny Gathright
    03/04/09 Chris Hayes
    01/15/09 Suzanne Moles
    01/15/09 Linda Fry
    01/15/09 Treva D. Lee
    01/15/09 Regina Leathers
    01/15/09 Rebecca Ault
    01/15/09 Kim Tirapelle
    01/15/09 Tyrone Turner
    01/14/09 Cornelus Postell
    01/14/09 Sally K Witt
    01/14/09 Jay Groccia
    01/14/09 Annette Reynolds
    01/14/09 Jim Stroud
    01/07/09 Tyrone Turner
    01/07/09 Peter Clayton
    01/07/09 Jim Stroud
    01/07/09 Kevin M Huff
    12/19/08 Susan (Kang) Nam
    12/19/08 Jeff D'Urso
    12/19/08 Kelle Sparta
    12/17/08 Jim Tekunoff
    12/17/08 Cori Revheim
    12/17/08 Beth M. Page, MA
    12/17/08 Sheri Provost
    12/17/08 Suzanne Moles
    12/17/08 Brittnee Maxfield
    12/17/08 Cort Fleming
    12/17/08 Pat Birkle
    12/11/08 Jay Groccia
    12/11/08 Giselle Conyette
    12/11/08 Justin Levy
    12/11/08 Scott Deutsch
    12/11/08 Dave Atkins
    12/11/08 Aliza Sherman
    12/11/08 Jim Freeman
    12/11/08 David Alston
    12/02/08 Andrew Rohman
    12/02/08 Jill C Tarbox
    12/02/08 Morgan Nichole Scott
    11/25/08 Edward Carrillo
    11/25/08 Ben Walzberg
    11/25/08 Mike Bustamante
    11/25/08 Pat Birkle
    11/25/08 Mark Blackney
    11/25/08 Ann Macaulay
    11/25/08 Lucy Beal, M.S.,N.C.C.
    11/25/08 Robert L. Lim
    11/25/08 Rick Del Carlo
    11/25/08 Christopher Palmer
    11/25/08 Marissa Christensen
    11/25/08 Sally Dove, (559) 222-7757 CITRMS
    11/17/08 Paul Reznik
    11/17/08 Steve Van Dorn
    11/12/08 Mary Davis
    11/12/08 Susan Payton
    11/12/08 Deb Mullen
    11/12/08 Robert Feeney
    11/12/08 Justin Levy
    11/12/08 Dale Donnelly
    11/12/08 Jay Groccia
    11/12/08 Mike Langford
    11/12/08 Jim Freeman
    09/23/08 Mike Sachleben
    09/23/08 Kate King, ACE
    09/23/08 Jeanette Inouye
    09/17/08 Lisa M. Forbes
    09/17/08 Peter Ganzel
    09/17/08 Rick & Rebecca Blayney SendOutCards
    09/17/08 David Jacks
    09/17/08 Larry Lawfer
    09/17/08 Leslie Poston
    09/17/08 Deb Mullen
    09/17/08 Michele McCormack
    09/10/08 Amy Durham
    09/10/08 Reina Isaac
    09/10/08 Mark Blackney
    09/10/08 Robert L. Lim
    09/10/08 Cort Fleming
    09/10/08 Robert de la Torre
    09/10/08 John Ulmer
    09/10/08 Paula Blanchard
    09/10/08 Mike Sachleben
    08/18/08 Jeff D'Urso
    08/18/08 Brent Trethewey
    08/18/08 Rick & Rebecca Blayney SendOutCards