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San Antonio , TX

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Current Work:
  • Senior Managers - Independent Distributor at Send Out Cards
  • Previous Work:
  • Retired SMSgt at United States Air Force
  • Education:
  • BS Electronics, Communications Electronics and Broadcast systems, Chapman University
  • Public Speaking and Ministery, Kentucky Christian College

  • Summary:
    In today's economic times, everyone is trying to find more customers. That often translates into someone trying to take Yours. If your customer likes you and feels that you and your company are like family, they won't leave your business just to save a dollar or two.

    The best way to retain loyal customers, is to treat them right and let them know you really care about them as a person, that they're not just an account number or dollar sign. As the saying goes, 'Nobody cares how much you know, until they know how much you care.'

    We can turn a business around and increase referrals just by implementing a few simple, time efficient habits, that will have your customers claiming ownership of you and your business. You will no longer be 'The' insurance agent or 'The' photographer or 'The' real estate agent, but will be referred to as 'My' agent, or 'My' caterer, or 'My' photographer.

    Every human being wants the same thing: to be appreciated for who they are and not taken for granted. We teach you how to show appreciation in a very heartfelt, yet efficient way.
    Rick: Public Speaking, Networking, The Idea Guy!
    Rebecca: Expert Organizer, system trainer and creative consultant. Computer savvy, Digital photo and graphics enhancements using Photoshop.

    Detailed Experience Summary:

    Senior Managers - Independent Distributor at Send Out Cards
    August 2006 - Present

    .......Relationship and referral marketing coaches. We Help businesses increase their referrals and retain loyal customers by teaching skills that incorporate the law of attraction and Giving to Give versus Gving to Get................ ............Using SendOutCards as our primary tool, we help create contact management systems, automated campaigns and reminder systems that simplify staying in touch with and keeping you in front of your customers throughout the year. ........................... .......We customize each program to meet the individual business' needs. We also help each business turn their system into a free marketing tool that continues to support their card sending needs and generate revenue at the same time.

    Retired SMSgt at United States Air Force
    March 1977 - June 2000

    Rebecca spent 23 years in the Air Force working mostly for the Armed Forces Radio and Television Network as a Engineering Technician. Last position was Chief of Maintenance of the Air Force Broadcasting Service at AF News Agency Kelly AFB TX

    Detailed Education Summary:

    BS Electronics, Communications Electronics and Broadcast systems, Chapman University
    June 1989

    Rebecca's Degree

    Public Speaking and Ministery, Kentucky Christian College
    June 1975

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