Joshua Jarvis
Social Media Maniac | Atlanta Realtor
Hoschton , GA

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Current Work:
  • CTO - Online Media Director at RichLife Advisors
  • Realtor - Connector at Keller Williams Realty
  • Previous Work:
  • IT, Design, Web Guy Consultant at Indepent Contractor
  • Education:
  • Industrial Design, Industrial Design & Computer Science, Georgia Institute of Technology

  • Summary:
    As the owner of my own Real Estate Company I obtain over 90% of my business utilizing the internet. I now help companies leverage the power of the internet to generate leads, promote their brand and build their credibility.

    As an Atlanta Realtor I come across many different types of people. As an internet specialists that usually means relocating people and helping them find a job. I've found that having connections with Recruiters helps them and helps me at the same time.
    In addition, who knows more sales people, than a sales person?

    I look at every connection as an opportunity no matter what you do, if I can help you I will and I will try hard to help you if I can.

    Look forward to connecting soon!
    Social Media Master, Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Management, Networking, Ideas, Media. I can talk about anything but have very few expertise. 'Jack of all trades...'

    Detailed Experience Summary:

    CTO - Online Media Director at RichLife Advisors
    September 2009 - Present

    I look for opportunities to connect and grow other's businesses. I'm looking for networkers that are ready to take their 'game' to the next level with some intense Mastermind Group interaction (in person). Design, implement social media and search engine strategy to increase audience and promote products and services.

    Realtor - Connector at Keller Williams Realty
    October 2002 - Present

    'I'm about helping people make big life decisions, you know 6, 7, or 8 FIGURE decisions and try to get them to see past the small 4 FIGURE ones. ' - As a Realtor I help walk people through the process of buying and selling a home. - I offer a concierge service and a connector for the love of helping and watching businesses grow. - I'm also a geek.

    IT, Design, Web Guy Consultant at Indepent Contractor
    June 1998 - October 2002

    If it involved computers, software or hardware, you would have hired me to do it. Actionscript was still in its infancy and AJAX wasn't out yet, but Java and HTML were the tools. Photoshop, Flash and more...

    Detailed Education Summary:

    Industrial Design, Industrial Design & Computer Science, Georgia Institute of Technology
    August 2002

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