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It's Already Done!

Behind the scenes, I'm already networking with people who can help you with your business, career, and social causes.

Here are the 3 primary ways I work with professionals:

1. Recruiting - Are you happy where you are? If you have the skills/attitude, I'll happily place you with one of my clients who may have an appropriate job opening for you. My client companies pay me to recruit professionals like you. (As a professional, you pay nothing.)

2. Social Media Consulting %u2013 Do you need assistance in using social media to begin a new job search campaign? If so, I provide coaching services to coach you all the way through the entire job search process. If necessary, I'll also coach you through the job stabilization process. Meaning: As a newly hired professional, I help you get acclimated to the new company/role/location, etc. (You pay me directly for this service. (The hiring company pays nothing.))

3. Networking. Are you a networking enthusiast? So am I! As a VERY ACTIVE Networker, there may be instances where I'll be able to help you WITHOUT an associated fee being involved. You don't pay me & the hiring company doesn't pay, either. (Though I'd prefer at least one of you to pay me! :-)) This is an instance of purely 'paying-it-forward', 'goodwill networking', or 'network building'. I may use this approach for my networking friends who may not need to hire me directly and/or for whom there is no immediate opening within any of my client companies.

Because the core of my business is the business of introducing people, if I can introduce you to someone for purposes other than those listed above, please feel free to contact me today!

Reach out and let me know how you're doing and how I may help you with your networking in 2009 and beyond%u2026.

Vincent Wright
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