Lisa M. Forbes
CEO, Perfect Solutions
Providence , RI

Lisa M. Forbes's Networking Photo

Current Work:
  • CEO at Perfect Solutions
  • Engineering Technician at WPRI/WNAC TV Providence
  • Previous Work:
  • Broadcast Journalist at U.S. Army
  • Sr. Executive Secretary at FedEx Corporation
  • Education:
  • Associates in Arts, General Studies, Community College of Rhode Island

  • Summary:
    I'm an Online Advertising Solution Specialist that can get traffic to you through LocalAdLink. I am also a Virtual Assistant handles all your administrative tasks from their Home Office. You receive all the benefits of outsourcing with no overhead! Have time for your clients and let me take care of all the 'paperwork'. Need a Showstopping Presentation...I can have one done in as little as a day with graphics and video! Just ask me!
    Specializing in Online Advertising Solutions to small businesses through LocalAdLink.

    ALSO I'm a Virtual Assistant to several Clients. Administrative, Marketing, Web Management/Programming, Graphics, Video/Audio experience and much more.

    Detailed Experience Summary:

    CEO at Perfect Solutions
    July 2008 - Present

    Owner and Operator of a Virtual Assistant Practice.

    Engineering Technician at WPRI/WNAC TV Providence
    July 2005 - Present

    Video Tape, Chyron, Camera Operator. Responsible for graphics for newscasts, satallite feeds, reporter feeds, studio camera operation, and floor directing

    Broadcast Journalist at U.S. Army
    February 2000 - February 2008

    Provide News coverage about military operations to the public. Stories, both video and radio, aired on American Forces Network and Soldiers Radio and Television Worldwide. Provide Public Relations to Civilian Media on a constant basis.

    Sr. Executive Secretary at FedEx Corporation
    September 1995 - November 2001

    Sr. Executive Secretary for 3 'Level C' Managing Directors in the San Francisco area. Responsible for the operations of the office to include, but not limited to, Travel Arrangements, Correspondences, Expense Reports, Presentations, Dictation, Filing and maintaining the Director's Scheduleds. All three at the same time!

    Detailed Education Summary:

    Associates in Arts, General Studies, Community College of Rhode Island
    December 2007

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