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Story Selling techniques the 21st Century Survival Skills in Biz Dev & Sales.
Belmont , MA

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Current Work:
  • Founder President at Zoka Institute LLC
  • Previous Work:
  • Marketing Sales and Crisis PR at Independent Consultant
  • Education:
  • MS, Theater and Communications, Emerson College
  • BA, Marketing and Advertising, Northeastern University

  • Summary:
    Larry Blumsack brings 40 years of Business Development, Marketing and Sales experience as a speaker, trainer, coach and consultant. His clients come from all sectors of business and not-for-profit organizations. Blumsack's parallel career in theater, and as a television and radio commentator bring added dimensions to the habits of how to stand out in a commoditized marketplace.
    Testimonial Excerpts.

    'I attended the program you led on 21st Century Survival Skills for Business Development and Sales at SBANE (Small Business Association of New England). Without question, it was one of the best programs I've attended. Both substance and presentation were very polished and professional. With so much fabulous content in two hours, I wish it was a full-day program.'
    Steve Snyder, Partner & Entrepreneur-in-Residence Gesmer Updegrove LLP

    'The program (21st Century Survival Skills for Business Development and Sales) made me think 'outside the box' when approaching business development situations. If I learn to apply the creative techniques used, the results of my efforts should be a skill set which is more innovative and successful!'
    Kerry Hands, Business Development The Bostonian Group

    'In just one session with Larry Blumsack he imparted extraordinary wisdom about melding the right and left brain for optimum sales and business development results. Having sat through any number of these presentations over the years, none has imparted the methodology that Larry seems to have perfected - applying creative impulses left behind in childhood to the business world. He is certainly a game-changer when it comes to company culture. I would not hesitate to retain his services!'
    Paul Serotkin, Minuteman Ventures, Inc.

    'I participated in a training (21st Century Survival Skills for Business Development and Sales )a by Larry Blumsack of Zoka Institute and left energized and ready to make more profitable connections. His training style was very participatory and makes you challenge how you approach sales in this current environment. I highly recommend participating in one of his trainings.'
    Elmer Eubanks, Vice President Business Development Citibank

    'I was involved with a portfolio company in need of a fresh look at its positioning and messaging as its product line had evolved and needed a unifying theme. We were looking for a creative effort but wanted quick results that would have short term as well as longer term impact. Larry proved the right resource. He has a rare degree of creativity but is solidly grounded in selling and sales processes.'
    Steve Ricci, Partner, Flagship Ventures

    'In a few and intensive weeks, Larry Blumsack turned around our marketing and business development efforts at Aprisma. The change was dramatic. My business development team set more meetings with prospects in the month following his training and coaching than they did in the entire prior 11 months%u2026.This is the second company where I engaged him as a consultant, trainer and coach.'
    Michael Fabiaschi, CEO, Aprisma

    'Larry's one of the fastest thinking, problem solving, marketing gurus I've ever encountered. Creative and 'out-of-the-box,' he worked with us to dramatically refocus our business development and lead generation program that has gotten us in front of more qualified prospects in a shorter time than if we had hired 5 more salespeople.'
    Andrew Fligor, Managing Partner of the Barish Fund

    'Larry has helped us use creativity in our approach to clients, and in a short time he made a meaningful, positive impact on how we interact and project ourselves with clients. The results of Larry's work have served as one of the catalysts of our firm's growth.'
    Michael Mingolelli, Jr., CEO, The Pinnacle Financial Group

    'He is a superb facilitator and trainer and not afraid to share the tools and techniques that makes him successful with our sales executives and business development team.'
    Michael Heflin, COO, Xelus

    'Your creative leadership training was unlike any other business training we've ever seen. I believe that many of the attendees now realize they are more capable of imaginative and creative thinking and creative leadership than they previously believed possible%u2026.You are an agile and superb facilitator and did a tremendous job of bringing out the creative aspects of each individual that I don't think they even realized they possessed.'
    Tony Pucillo, Executive Vice President Clean Harbors Environmental Services

    'Larry Blumsack's ability to bring out the creative talents of our team was evident right from the very start of the day. His Zoka Training showed us tools and techniques to plan, prepare, and problem-solve in ways that are highly innovative. We found that this unique experience allowed us to step back and look at things in a totally different way by dismissing our 'habit energy'. The Zoka Institute is a great venue for organizations looking to use creativity as a competitive tool in the marketplace.'
    Nancy Mobley, President & CEO Insight Performance

    'Larry re-energized and motivated our high-end executive sales team with his innovative tools and techniques for critical thinking and 'out-of-the-box' creative problem solving.'
    Chris Copley, VP Sales M Squared

    Zoka Training and Zoka Consulting
    Tools and techniques to drive your company to its revenue tipping point.

    Detailed Experience Summary:

    Founder President at Zoka Institute LLC
    November 2006 - Present

    Founder and Creativity Guru of Zôka Institute, he has personally trained, coached, directed and taught over 5,000 business professionals and visual and performing artists on how to tap into and expand their own creativity. Zôka Training is an outgrowth of 40 years of Larry’s best lessons learned from his parallel careers in business, the visual and performing arts and the media. That considerable knowledge and experience has been turned into a comprehensive training and consulting program for awakening and kindling creativity in business - which anyone can learn and benefit from. Zôka Training for Creativity in Business utilizes the tools and techniques that produced innovation and success for Larry both as a practitioner and consultant in business development, sales, marketing, and crisis public relations. A quick study, agile thinker, and highly creative idea generator with proven business results, Larry teaches the success skills he personally employs to expand the successes of his corporate clients. He draws upon a unique mix of talents and experience, that includes being a business development, sales and marketing consultant on how to sell to senior executives of the Fortune 1000; a B2B matchmaker setting meetings with senior executives of the Fortune 1000 for his clients’ services; trainer and coach to experienced sales professionals; founder/owner of two businesses; media and speech coach to executives; theater professor and founding member of the Theater Department at Northeastern University; a professional actor, acting coach, theater and television director/producer, training/sales video writer/producer/director, photographer, videographer, major event/concert planner and producer; set, lighting and costume designer, and Off-Off-Broadway producer. He directed a first of its kind arts-based training and rehabilitation program in the Massachusetts prison system in the 1970’s – which was viewed not only as being innovative, but also as a national model. Larry also holds a business degree from Northeastern University, and a graduate degree in Theater/Communications from Emerson College. For more than 30 years, Larry was also a syndicated columnist and radio and television critic/commentator on the arts - sharing his insights and expanding the capabilities and results of his audiences. Larry is also an accomplished painter, sculptor, furniture maker, bonsai artist, silversmith, automotive mechanic, gourmet cook, horseman, cyclist, archer and outdoorsman. Most importantly, Larry knows how to ignite the spark that will fire up your people’s imagination and creativity - expanding the innovation potential of your company exponentially.

    Marketing Sales and Crisis PR at Independent Consultant
    January 1965 - September 2008

    Coached, consulted, trained and educated Executives, Public Figures and Individuals in all types of organizations

    Detailed Education Summary:

    MS, Theater and Communications, Emerson College
    June 1965

    BA, Marketing and Advertising, Northeastern University
    June 1960

    Outstanding Alumini Award in the Arts

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