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Professional Speaker, Author and Coach at CyberLife Tutors

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  • President at CyberLife Tutors

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    My name is April Williams and I am a business and career coach and speaker specializing in personal marketing. I work with clients to help them develop their professional brand and maximize their job search using in personal and social media techniques. Check out CyberLifeTutors.com to check out my blog or register for classes to jump start your career.

    Detailed Experience Summary:

    President at CyberLife Tutors
    February 2008 - Present

    CyberLife Tutors provides training in the tools and best practices required by professionals to maximize their career potential in today's highly competitive global marketplace. These tools and techniques are designed to give you an edge in developing new business, making career changes and accessing the resources needed to achieve your goals. Our coursework is presented in a manner that allows you to immediately incorporate what you have learned into your daily activities. We are specialists in professional networking. The value and reach of networking have grown dramatically as the tools used in the practice have evolved from a telephone and a Rolodex to interactive Web 2.0 applications that connect millions of users together all over the world. We can teach you how to harness the power of the six degrees of separation to land that new contract or make your next big career move. CyberLife Tutors offers sessions from our existing coursework or we can develop custom content tailored to your needs. Courses are available for presentation on-site at your location as well as over the Internet.

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