Karina A. Manriquez   (Back)
Recruiter/Founder, Resourceful Recruiting
Swampscott , MA

Current Work:
  • Recruiter at Resourceful Recruiting
  • Education:
  • B.S., Interpersonal & Organization Communication, Suffolk University

  • Summary:
    I build relationships. That is the core of my business and who I am.

    As the founder of Resourceful Recruiting, I serve as a resource to client companies, and when they need my recruiting assistance, I know what they are looking for.

    What differentiates me I guess you could say is that I am persistent in creating the correct matches. Yes large agencies have a pool. My candidates are not always ones you will find in an agency. I care about my clients and their needs and really take the time to work with them. If I think a company is going to pass on a great candidate by mistake, I will reiterate why it is worth re-looking and offer an intro conversation.

    I value my client relationships, both company and candidate. I receive most of my candidates through referrals. I am interested in creating new client relationships through referrals.

    Contact me:
    Karina Manriquez
    Recruiting Specialist
    Resourceful Recruiting
    T: 617-297-2232
    - 4yrs recruiting industry experience
    - Online Advertising and Finance experience
    - Recommended for 'superb relationship building skills, high integrity, personable and expert in her field'

    Detailed Experience Summary:

    Recruiter at Resourceful Recruiting
    September 2008 - Present

    Focus on permanent placement positions in Administrative support such as Executive & Administrative Assistants, Sales, Marketing and HR professionals.

    Detailed Education Summary:

    B.S., Interpersonal & Organization Communication, Suffolk University
    May 2004

    Minor: Social Psychology

    Conversation History: (82 total)

    Date Person
    02/03/09 Dan Edmonds
    02/03/09 Laura Bonetzky-Joseph
    02/03/09 Bonnie Gortler
    02/03/09 Jay Groccia
    02/03/09 Annette Reynolds
    02/03/09 Chris Rohland
    02/03/09 Andrew Jellison
    02/03/09 Darlene Teves
    02/03/09 Eric Glazer
    01/14/09 Kimberly
    01/14/09 Shana Leberman
    01/14/09 Karen Vaillancourt
    01/14/09 Toni Buccarelli
    01/14/09 Rosanna Ely
    01/09/09 Dave Atkins
    01/09/09 Chew-Hoong Koh
    01/09/09 Chris Faris
    01/09/09 Mamadou Diallo
    01/09/09 David W. Rouille
    12/16/08 Jon Roussel
    12/16/08 Ellen P. Jackson
    12/16/08 David Sternburg
    12/16/08 Eric Glazer
    12/16/08 Michael DelloIacono
    12/16/08 Deb Mullen
    12/16/08 Russell Sweeney
    12/16/08 Annette Reynolds
    12/16/08 Mike Sachleben
    12/16/08 Brian Duke
    12/16/08 Jon Roussel
    12/16/08 Beth Messmore
    11/18/08 Susan (Kang) Nam
    11/18/08 Trish Gieraltowski
    11/18/08 Rick Robinson
    11/18/08 Lindsy Parker
    11/18/08 Mike Sachleben
    11/18/08 Deb Mullen
    11/18/08 Jay Groccia
    11/18/08 Brent Trethewey
    11/18/08 Dale Donnelly
    11/18/08 Anya Studenc Downing
    11/18/08 Liz Scully
    11/18/08 Robin Lanier
    11/18/08 Lisa Maxwell
    11/18/08 Dale Donnelly
    11/18/08 Andrew Rohman
    11/18/08 Brent Trethewey
    11/18/08 Shella Fitzpatrick
    11/18/08 Mike Sachleben
    11/18/08 Richard P. Jussaume
    11/18/08 Deb Mullen
    11/12/08 Doug Beck
    11/12/08 Shala Phansalkar
    11/12/08 Natalie Garkusha
    11/12/08 Elizabeth Sheridan
    11/12/08 David Turner
    11/12/08 Karen Vaillancourt
    10/31/08 Karen Vaillancourt
    10/31/08 Chew-Hoong Koh
    10/31/08 Steven Harper
    10/31/08 Jeff D'Urso
    10/31/08 Robert Feeney
    10/27/08 John Konevich
    10/27/08 Michael Kreppein
    10/27/08 Mike Sachleben
    10/27/08 Brent Trethewey
    10/27/08 Lisa M. Forbes
    10/27/08 Karyn Martin
    10/27/08 Jay Groccia
    10/27/08 Curt Cote
    10/27/08 Danielle Lucido
    10/27/08 Deb Mullen
    10/27/08 Dale Donnelly
    10/27/08 Shala Phansalkar
    10/15/08 Sharon McKie-Johnston
    10/15/08 Doug Beck
    10/15/08 Mary Gunn
    10/15/08 Deb Mullen
    10/15/08 Terry Perry
    10/15/08 Karen Servance
    10/15/08 Amanda Blazo