Robert Feeney
Expert Internet Marketing/Business Advisor (Blue Hue Interactive, affiliate of Taylor Corporation)
Minneapolis , MN

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Current Work:
  • Internet Marketing Advisor at Blue Hue Interactive (an affiliate of Taylor Corporation)
  • Previous Work:
  • Executive Sales Manager at Gage Marketing
  • Sales Executive at Health Fitness Corporation
  • Education:
  • M.A., Organizational Psychology, Adler Graduate School

  • Summary:

    My current role as an Internet Marketing Consultant for Blue Hue (Taylor Corporation's interactive agency) allows me the luxury of helping great brands resolve various online marketing challenges.

    If I have your attention and interested in scheduling time to speak in further detail, I'm confident I'll be an asset for you.

    Thank you!
    Advertising Design, Networking, Stevie Business Awards judge, art, music, communications, interactive promotions, online marketing, social networking, business development, consulting, profound understanding of organizational psychology

    Detailed Experience Summary:

    Internet Marketing Advisor at Blue Hue Interactive (an affiliate of Taylor Corporation)
    October 2010 - Present

    Founded in 1993, Blue Hue is a Minneapolis-area Internet marketing agency with a passion for building brands and personalizing the online experience. We approach every client with a capability and curiosity that allows us to formulate strategy that will differentiate your products and services from your competitors. Choose from world-class solutions in eCommerce, content management, 1:1 marketing, higher education marketing, rich Internet media creation and more.

    Executive Sales Manager at Gage Marketing
    January 2007 - September 2010

    Responsible for providing expert interactive promotions for Blue-Chips and, and small-medium businesses of all kinds.

    Sales Executive at Health Fitness Corporation
    May 2002 - January 2007

    I was in charge of selling Health & Wellness consulting services.

    Detailed Education Summary:

    M.A., Organizational Psychology, Adler Graduate School
    November 2008

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