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Financial Planner
Charlestown , MA

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As a financial planner, I believe success should be measured not just by your financial well-being, but by how confident you feel about your future. My mission is to help you reach your financial goals through a personal relationship based on personalized, knowledgeable advice. This focus is designed to help you reach your goals, giving you greater confidence.

Areas of Focus:
Cash Flow Management
Adequate Protection
Wealth Accumulation
Tax Management
Retirement Planning
Education Planning
Estate Planning
Women's Financial Strategies
Conversation History: (23 total)

Date Person
04/29/09 Brent Trethewey
04/29/09 Martin Paley
04/29/09 Terry Wildemann
11/03/08 Marguerite M. Dorn, Esq.
11/03/08 Sheira MacKenzie, CMP, CMPS
11/03/08 Maryann Murphy
11/03/08 Chew-Hoong Koh
11/03/08 Whitney Geden
11/03/08 Judie VanKooiman
10/30/08 Shella Fitzpatrick
10/30/08 Jeff D'Urso
10/27/08 Deb Mullen
10/27/08 Shala Phansalkar
10/27/08 Jay Groccia
10/27/08 Paul A. Ceccarelli
10/27/08 Lisa M. Forbes
10/27/08 Mike Sachleben
10/27/08 Michael Kreppein
10/27/08 Dale Donnelly
10/27/08 Karyn Martin
10/27/08 John Konevich
10/27/08 Danielle Lucido
10/27/08 Brent Trethewey