Andrew Jellison   (Back)
All Business Communications, Telecommunications Provider
Waltham , MA

Current Work:
  • National Business Development Manager at All Business Communications
  • Education:
  • BA, Economics, University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • Documents:

    All Business Communications is the premier provider of end to end communication in the Small to Medium Business market. We design, implement and support customized communication solutions nationwide.

    All Business Communications was founded in 2000 by former Lucent Technologies employees who recognized the need for a communication provider tailored to the SMB market. As a result of our focus in the market and desire to take a consultative approach to each individual customers needs, All Business Communications has become the leading provider of Avaya Communication solutions to the SMB market nationwide.

    Detailed Experience Summary:

    National Business Development Manager at All Business Communications
    June 2003 - Present

    Detailed Education Summary:

    BA, Economics, University of Wisconsin-Madison
    May 2001

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