Paul Cronin
Business Development
Boston , MA

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My Best Referral Is:
Business Advisors, who help business owners, executives and professional partners in financial, legal, tax or other business issues. Either for mutual referrals or to learn how to implement our programs with their clients.

Current Work:
  • Parnter, Director of Business Development at Successful Transition Planning Institute
  • Business Accelerator at PFC Resources
  • Previous Work:
  • Investor, Advisor and Regional Franchisor at Parmasters Golf Training Centers
  • Regional Sales Manager at Eden Toys
  • Education:
  • Bachelors of Science, Business Administration, Northeastern University
  • Documents:

    Executive with an entrepreneurial mindset and a track record of starting and expanding businesses by building relationships with key partners, by thinking strategically, as well as by developing and leading teams

    - Deep Experience in Sales Management
    - Creates New Businesses
    - Strategically Restructures and Grows Businesses
    Executive Management, Sales Management, Sales Training, Strategic Consulting, Sales Analysis and Projections, Marketing, Telemarketing Management

    Detailed Experience Summary:

    Parnter, Director of Business Development at Successful Transition Planning Institute
    September 2009 - Present

    We help business owners, senior executives and professional practitioners create personal transition plans for life after they leave their companies.

    Business Accelerator at PFC Resources
    January 2002 - Present

    I help businesses grow, faster - Strategic and Tactical growth. - Create Equity (wealth) in the business. - Turn company into a Scalable and Sale-able Business. Roles I can play include: - Advisor on key business strategy and tactics. - Director/VP of Sales.

    Investor, Advisor and Regional Franchisor at Parmasters Golf Training Centers
    November 2004 - July 2008

    Helped turn around a floundering start-up firm that markets and helps build indoor golf training centers franchises. - created multiple designs and business models for ten centers - worked directly with the co-founders, Regional Franchisors in US and international markets - Helped open the first center opened in Memphis, TN - Sold my interest for a profit in July 2008.

    Regional Sales Manager at Eden Toys
    October 1983 - January 2000

    Launched multiple properties and opened new markets, enabling company to grow from small partnership to multi-million corporate toy manufacturer. My roles included: Regional Sales Manager, Inside Sales Manager, District Sales Manager and various Sales positions

    Detailed Education Summary:

    Bachelors of Science, Business Administration, Northeastern University
    June 1984

    Concentration in Marketing and Logistics, Minor is Sociology

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    04/22/11 Royal Johnson, CPA
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    01/28/10 Chuck Cory
    01/28/10 Kimberly Ochwangi
    01/28/10 Michael Wolf
    01/28/10 Chris Hollis
    01/28/10 Barbara Boers
    01/28/10 Karen Isaacson Golembeski
    01/28/10 Jill Lee
    01/28/10 David Jack
    01/19/10 Jeremy Lucabaugh
    01/19/10 Jennifer Wilkov
    01/19/10 Michael Wolf
    01/19/10 Sharon Lindenburger
    01/19/10 Charlie Boyer
    01/07/10 Keynisha Adebisi
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