Jeffrey DeSocio
AlMC Business Solutions
Framingham , MA

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  • Owner/ Business Development at AIMC Business Solutions
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    Own a franchise with the world's most ultimate shopping and entertainment destination, and also am affiliated with MA Webcenters which has been in business for 12 years with a technical staff of 150 strong. Build your website on
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    IT Consulting
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    Owner/ Business Development at AIMC Business Solutions
    April 2008 - Present

    Owner of internet franchise focusing on multi-billion dollar vertical markets allowing my customers to get paid to shop and be healthy. My company partners with thousands of retailers to create the ultimate shopping and entertainment destination. I personally focus on health & nutrition and internet. My business link is Sign up as a preferred customer to get paid to shop w/ maRewards-2% cash back on all purchases. - Own a website design company called AIMC Business Solutions, helping small/ medium sized businesses expand their web presence and revenue. Check out this link for more information and build your own website: - Responsible for business development partnering with people looking to develop an on-going income and to help expand distribution of Market America products to the end-consumer.

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