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Our best referral is any business with 50 employees. We help companies watch their bottom line while keeping their employees happy! See how we can help you at

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    RNK GLOBAL SOLUTIONS, INC. is a World of Yummy Possibilities! Our Office Deli is like a convenience store right in your office.

    We provide businesses with a way to keep your employees on the premises during breakfast, lunch, break times and even dinner!

    Our 'Office Deli' offers delicious hot entrees, popular snacks & brand-name cold beverages ALL IN ONE MACHINE. And it's designed to fit in small spaces, so it's perfect for small to medium-sized businesses. What's for lunch? Anything you want! We cater specifically to you.

    Our best client is a traditional business with 50 employees, especially businesses with employees working swing shifts or late night hours, or those with deadlines and tight schedules to meet. If you're limited on time or resources, let us help!

    We're backed with 22 years of experience helping employers watch their bottom line, and keeping their employees happy. We make it convenient, boost morale, & offer healthier choices. No walking, driving or parking, no standing in lines or waiting in drive-thrus!

    Serving Northern IL - call for a FREE 30-day trial 224-267-0188

    I am also the Assistant Organizer of the Chicago Entrepreneur Meetup Group -- a networking group where we share opportunities and education about all types of entrepreneurship (at; I am President of RNK Global Enterprises, Inc.; and Co-Founder of Global Financial Education Institute -- a non-profit organization.

    I look forward to helping any way I can!

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    December 2009 - Present

    Increase Your Productivity by Improving Your Break Room With the economy the way it is, more and more companies are laying off employees and those employees end up doubling up on their workloads. Overworked employees cut down on your production, and hence, your bottom line. And usually, your overworked employees aren't eating right simply because they don't have the time. Ever have to reprimand someone for returning late from breaks or lunch? We have a solution: With an Office Deli Refreshment Center in your break room, your employees will not be running to the convenience store on their breaks and they won't be forced to choose between going out to lunch or "brown-bagging" it. Your employees will have a tremendous selection of delicious food items just a few steps away from their work areas. An Office Deli is like having a mini-cafeteria on your premises. It's really three vending machines in one that can fit almost anywhere and provide the benefit of a mini-cafeteria to any office location. The entree unit serves hot meal trays, pastas, cereals, soups, stews, breakfast items and more. The refrigerated unit vends juices, sodas, waters, energy drinks and even milkshakes. The snack unit provides delicious pastries, chips, cookies, crackers and candies. The Office Deli gives you tremendous variety: 14 Entree Selections 16 Snack Selections 8 Beverage Selections PLUS, there is no brand affiliation whatsoever, so you can have Coke and Pepsi products in the same machine. Best of all, the Office Deli costs you nothing! And by keeping your employees on your premises, it will save you money. Call us at 224-267-0188 and let's discuss how we can help you!

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