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Richmond , VA

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  • Current Work:
  • Owner/President at PDQ Networking
  • Previous Work:
  • Owner at iThink Technology Solutions
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  • Bachelor, Physics, The College of New Jersey
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    My business is helping people connect with people & businesses connect with other businesses via networking.

    Everyone has finally realized that it's not the resume, the product or that special service you have that gets you in the door, it's the people you know and network with that may know someone whom can open that door for you. Networking is vogue, it's hot and is now the most accepted means of how a true professional gets ahead of the game. LinkedIN is a great example of professional networking via the internet. BlitzTime is a fantastic 'remote' interactive speed networking tool ...and my company, PDF offers the premiere and best '1-to-many' face-to-face speed networking event licensing. Each is different, each is unique; yet, they compliment each other and provide the most effective advantage for the true professional networker who wants to get ahead, and stay ahead in this ever changing game called business.

    My focus is helping people connect with other people and businesses connect with other businesses via seminars, face-to-face and phone-to-phone speed networking. So while the internet might be one way a person may try to connect with an opportunity, both face-to-face and phone-to-phone speed networking are more effective means of finally presenting that elevator speech you have honed in hopes that it will click with one or more of the people you are interfacing with.

    Speed Networking: person-to-person | business-to-business | face-to-face | phone-to-phone.
    Speed networking, sales meetings, training events, job fairs, company socials/mixers, HR networking, the art of networking presentations, what you need to be an effective networker.

    Detailed Experience Summary:

    Owner/President at PDQ Networking
    January 2009 - Present

    Unique ultra speed networking for the business professional, novice and job seeker via person-to-person, business-to-business, face-to-face and phone-to-phone networking, business sales events, training meetings, seminars and job fairs; the “face-to-face” is not your 'traditional' linear 1:1 speed networking per se; 2x to 3x times the number of contacts in the same amount of time.

    Owner at iThink Technology Solutions
    January 2002 - January 2009

    Sales/Marketing/Sales Management & Business Development Mercenary. Technology consultant and marketer of safety, security, logistics, ID validation, tracking, locating and related solutions for both Government and commercial markets and clients; additional expertise in telecom, PBX and VoIP technologies/products. Section 508 savvy.

    Detailed Education Summary:

    Bachelor, Physics, The College of New Jersey
    December 1976

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    03/06/09 Deborah LaRaia,MSCIS,ITIL
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    03/04/09 Dvorah Lansky
    03/04/09 Patricia Weber
    03/04/09 Deborah LaRaia,MSCIS,ITIL
    03/04/09 John Rohner
    03/04/09 Amy Grossman
    03/04/09 Dvorah Lansky
    03/02/09 Wesley Watkis
    03/02/09 Tony Mack
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