Nolan Collins
Drastic Change guide, Local Marketing Solutions and author of Local marketing and Personal Improvement e-books.
Lake Bluff , IL

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Either someone who is struggling to get to the next level yet knows they have the passion to succeed. Also small and local business owners looking for easy to understand answers and solutions to growing their business.

Current Work:
  • Speaker / Author at Nolan Collins
  • Education:
  • Business, English, French, Math, Priory College, England

  • Summary:
    Everyone has the ability to change immediately. With over 30 years of experience observing and learning from and about people, and several years working in the Massage, Behavioral Kinesiology and Local Marketing industries, my books help people grow.

    After leaving a consulting atmosphere, I knew i wanted to help people realize their own ability to achieve greatness with a direct, powerful and easy to use process.

    My first e-book, 'Top Ten Pain Relievers' helps people reduce and eliminate physical, mental and emotional stress with over 10 easy to use techniques you can do at home, work or even in the car.

    My Second e-book 'Get There First More Often' Helps business owners and entrepreneurs of any experience understand more options and solutions for getting themselves in front of more people.

    My upcoming e-books (3 of them) will focus mainly on reducing the confusion of HOW to achieve the changes all the other gurus and experts are saying you need to make but don;t know where to start!

    I love helping people. I love knowing that my experiences, both good and bad will help people reduce stress, pain and learning curves.

    Think forward, be happy, express gratitude and act with inspiration, TODAY!
    Problem solving, developing solutions that help businesses grow, train employees better and communicate with others.

    Detailed Experience Summary:

    Speaker / Author at Nolan Collins
    June 1970 - Present

    With many years teaching, training and developing systems for other people, I have taken my experience in various industries, as well as in Local marketing and Alternative Healthcare, and delivered easy to understand and use e-books and a video based membership site.

    Detailed Education Summary:

    Business, English, French, Math, Priory College, England
    June 1988

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