Robyn Rice-Foster
Any Day is a Perfect Day for Chocolate
Chicago , IL

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  • Professional Certification, Chocolates, L'Art Chocolat

  • Summary:
    Owner and operator of La Parisianne du Chocolat. Robyn Rice-Foster graduated with honors from the Professional School of Chocolate Arts, L'Art Chocolat. While most of her classmates were creating chocolate truffles with hot peppers and teas, Robyn focused her attention to southern and island desserts and developed her signature line of delightful truffles such as: White Chocolate Apple Pie Spice, Chocolate Sweet Potato Pie, Chocolate Pumpkin Pie Spice, Chocolate Jack Daniel Pecan Pie, Pina Colada Truffle Sandwich and Oreo Chesse Cake

    Robyn believes the culinary arts is a creative art form, and an expression of love. She compares her creations to intimate relationships, 'very sensual, sweet, yet bitter, temper-mental, so, so good, yet very, very bad, as well as erotic and unforgiving'.

    Recently, Robyn was promoted to Senior Recipe Tester for Leite's Culinaria. As well as being commissioned to make cookies and muffins for a print ad using Gourmet Gardens products.

    Detailed Education Summary:

    Professional Certification, Chocolates, L'Art Chocolat
    March 2007

    Graduated with Honors in chocolate making and chocolate history

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