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Making A Difference, one relationship at a time.
Park City , KS

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My Best Referral Is:
YOU - if you don't have an easy, fun, effective way to stay in touch with your clients, family and friends. show you appreciate them and see what happens...see my smile?

Current Work:
  • Author at A Journey Within: Self-Discovery for Women
  • Senior Manager at Send Out Cards

  • Summary:
    It's all about saying thank you. I help business professionals attract more customers, get more referrals and make more money using the simple power of thank you.

    How do you feel when YOU say thank you? How do you feel when you GET a thank you? Think about it. (How do you feel when you don't?)

    - Appreciation Marketing Coach
    - Speaker
    - Writer
    - Professional Networker - online and off
    - Book Author

    Detailed Experience Summary:

    Author at A Journey Within: Self-Discovery for Women
    August 2009 - Present

    Senior Manager at Send Out Cards
    November 2005 - Present

    My passion is sharing the power of thank you. It's not just about the person who receives your thank you, it's also about how you feel when YOU say thank you. We all make a difference and I am grateful I get to introduce you to a special way of doing this.

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    03/01/10 Kara Glover
    03/01/10 Michael Wolf
    03/01/10 Deb Mullen
    03/01/10 Susan Levy
    11/12/09 Jeremy Lucabaugh
    11/12/09 Eddie Perea
    11/12/09 vic strausberg
    11/12/09 Beth Bridges, The Networking Motivator (tm)
    11/12/09 Margie Basaraba
    08/20/09 Genevieve Lane
    08/20/09 Ed Drozda
    08/20/09 Michael Ferreira
    08/20/09 Margie Basaraba
    08/20/09 susan
    06/16/09 Lori Scott
    06/16/09 Susan Houck
    06/16/09 Katherine Scott
    03/25/09 Anna Florey
    03/25/09 Tony Mack
    03/25/09 Jim Ullery
    03/25/09 Brent Trethewey
    03/25/09 Wesley Watkis
    03/25/09 Jim Sutton
    03/25/09 Jane Prugh
    03/25/09 Bonnie Dubrow
    03/02/09 Mamadou Diallo
    03/02/09 A.Michelle Blakeley
    03/02/09 Wesley Watkis
    03/02/09 Louise DiSclafani
    03/02/09 Darren Smith
    03/02/09 Tony Mack
    02/17/09 Trish Page
    02/17/09 Heidi Danos
    02/17/09 Kevin Keener
    02/17/09 Erlene Howard
    02/17/09 Reno Lovison
    02/17/09 Karen Vaillancourt
    02/06/09 Ed Schrader
    02/06/09 Lisa M. Forbes
    02/06/09 Tony Mack
    01/29/09 Stephanie Chambers
    01/29/09 Ronit Mitchell
    01/29/09 Eleanor Alandy
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    01/29/09 Nance Kowalski
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    01/29/09 Robyn Rice-Foster
    01/29/09 Erin Criss