Alice Lau
Strategic Planning, Sourcing and Business Development Professional
Canton , MA

Alice Lau is a creative and results-driven senior management executive with 26 years of domestic and international expertise in strategic planning, supply chain management, relationship building, business expansion and development. She has held senior positions in international Fortune 500 and publicly traded companies in the retail, athletic sportswear and fashion arena, such as Polo/Ralph Lauren, Mexx, Reebok International, the adidas Group and Casual Male Retail Group. The global exposures, working in Asia, Europe, Latin America, Canada and most recently the US, give Alice unique and unparallel perspectives to lead in cultural and diversified settings. Alice is an articulate leader with a proven ability to inspire teams to introduce pioneering programs that increase productivity, customer satisfaction, project efficiencies, and surpass strategic objectives. Throughout her career, she has been recognized for exemplary integrity, sense of passion, work ethic and thorough commitment to professional excellence. Her specialties include global relationship management, merchandising, business development, product marketing, product development, system and process engineering, strategic sourcing and global supply-chain management.
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