Ian D Smith
CEO, The Portfolio Partnership: Hands on Business Angel - love Technology Companies
Beverly , MA

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Current Work:
  • Advisory Board Member at Innovation Capital Group
  • CEO at The Portfolio Partnership

  • Summary:
    My mantra: Businesses are either invisible or remarkable. You are one or the other. It starts with a compelling story. Define and dominate your unique market. I reposition businesses to maximize shareholder value over time. I've advised, built and sold over 20 businesses.
    Read my Essential Business Briefings to get a flavor of my expertize - see my web site listed or catch up with me on my blog - The Repositioning Guy!

    Detailed Experience Summary:

    Advisory Board Member at Innovation Capital Group
    January 2009 - Present

    Advising on policies to match capital with entrepreneurs

    CEO at The Portfolio Partnership
    September 2008 - Present

    I am passionate about maximizing the potential of fast-growing companies. My company, The Portfolio Partnership invests in Software companies and assists in managing them. Over the last 30 years I have been fortunate to have had leadership roles as a CFO,venture capitalist, M&A advisor and CEO of an award winning software group and IBM business partner. Ian lives in Wenham, Massachusetts with his wife and two teenage daughters. Hobbies: He is currently ranked #1 in the country at 800m on the track for his age.

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