Bob Prehn
Senior Manager, Send Out Cards
South Elgin , IL

Bob Prehn's Networking Photo

Current Work:
  • Senior Manager at Send Out Cards
  • Sales & Estimating at Wampach Woodwork
  • Previous Work:
  • Real Estate Investor at Bob Prehn, Inc.
  • Business Owner at Afterimage Products
  • Education:
  • Willowbrook High School

  • Summary:
    I enjoy meeting new people and am always listening to see if there is a connection where I can help them. I am driven to help others succeed or simply help them out via a referral or just a kind gesture of appreciation.

    My mission is to travel the United States with my wife to meet new people and teach them how they can show consistent appreciation to others in their lives whether personal or business. By sending out appreciation consistently, they will experience that things that come back to them Ten Fold in unexpected ways.
    Showing Appreciation towards others, Teaching and helping others how to do the same, Real Estate Investing, Woodworking, Home & Business Remodeling.

    Detailed Experience Summary:

    Senior Manager at Send Out Cards
    October 2007 - Present

    I Love my Job! Showing people how fun & easy it is to generate consistent referral's over and over by simply taking action to let your customers know how much you appreciate them. Your customers will love you more than they already do and your prospects will choose you over your competition.

    Sales & Estimating at Wampach Woodwork
    October 2005 - Present

    Estimator of Commercial Architectural Woodwork. We are a Fully Custom Woodworking and Laminate Firm.

    Real Estate Investor at Bob Prehn, Inc.
    January 2002 - May 2006

    Purchased Homes that were distressed and in great need of repair. Flipping homes is a really fun business when the timing is right!

    Business Owner at Afterimage Products
    February 1991 - January 2002

    Commercial Laminating and Woodworking Company. Our Clients were Furniture Dealers throughout the Midwest. We were a Custom Source for Laminate and Wood Office Furniture.

    Detailed Education Summary:

    Willowbrook High School
    June 1984

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