Bob Gallo
Online Marketing Coach & Personal Marketing Coach
Gladstone , OR

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Current Work:
  • Online Marketing Coach at Wealth Soutions LLC
  • Personal Marketing Coach at Touch-Point Marketing Services
  • Education:
  • Marketing and Accounting, Mesa Community College
  • Sales , Sales Training Institute

  • Summary:

    Welcome to my profile page

    Hi my name is Bob and I live in the green state of Oregon.

    I am a personal marketing coach. My clients include network marketers, business owners and professionals. I'm also associate with a network marketing company that provides a unique business service to business owners and professionals.

    It is often said that when you love what you do, you never work another day in your life. I'm lucky enough to say that I fall in that category. When I have the opportunity to help someone, especially someone that wants to help themselves, I welcome it with absolute joy. I feel gratitude every day for the fantastic life I have!

    I am blessed with a wonderful son who is currently living in Phoenix, Arizona and he are the love of my life.

    My passion is helping ambitious people find the success they want and deserve.

    If I can help support you in your efforts to succeed, please feel free to connect with me.

    About Me

    I've been a self-employed business person most of my working life. After mustering out of the Air Force I went to work for an Arthur Murray dance studio in Boston, Massachusetts as an instructor / salesperson. It was a fun job and great way to learn about people. I also enrolled in Sales Training Institute (STI). STI was the leader in developing sales professionals. In fact, the Air Force used them to train their recruiters.

    After graduating from STI, I moved to Arizona and accepted a position as a salesman for a national firm that provided bookkeeping services to small businesses and attended Mesa Community College in the evenings.

    I've owned a bookkeeping service, was a financial planner and Registered Invesment Advisor, licensed in insurance, investments and real estate.

    I've written two books on estate planning and have taught workshops on bookkeeping for small business, small business marketing, professional salesmanship, improving customer relations, time management, financing a small business, customer loyalty, and estate planning.

    I love connecting with ambitious, success minded people.

    Detailed Experience Summary:

    Online Marketing Coach at Wealth Soutions LLC
    January 2007 - Present

    As an Online MarketingCoach I help you online component to your marketing strategy.

    Personal Marketing Coach at Touch-Point Marketing Services
    January 2005 - Present

    Helping you implement a marketing system that uses touch-points that occur daily in your personal and business life to create meaningful and profitable relationships with your clients, prospects that results in a continuous chain of sales and referrals.

    Detailed Education Summary:

    Marketing and Accounting, Mesa Community College
    May 1997

    My focus was on specialized courses in the area of marketing, sales and business management and accounting.

    Sales , Sales Training Institute
    February 1972

    Sales Training Institute (STI) was the leader in developing sales professionals. In fact, the Air Force used them to train their recruiters.

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