Michele Rempel
CEO of Mediavine Marketing; Simplifying Social Media through Training, Consulting, Management
Chicago area , IL

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My Best Referral Is:
The best referral is a company that wants to harness the power of social media to increase visibility and make new contacts with potential customers.
We also design and develop custom WordPress websites that make it easy for our clients to update their own websites and make them more 'social'.

Current Work:
  • CEO at Mediavine Marketing
  • Project Manager- Web and Software Dev. at Mandatek
  • Education:
  • M.A., Education Administration, Cal State University- Fresno

  • Detailed Experience Summary:

    CEO at Mediavine Marketing
    October 2010 - Present

    We simplify social media for successful businesses and professionals through training, consulting and management.

    Project Manager- Web and Software Dev. at Mandatek
    June 2007 - Present

    Michele is a Project Manager and Partner with Mandatek. She leverages her previous experience as an educator & administrator to effectively communicate with clients and translate their visions into website and software projects. She also has the technical knowledge to bridge the gap between Mandatek’s clients and their team of developers. She is also largely responsible for Mandatek's digital marketing

    Detailed Education Summary:

    M.A., Education Administration, Cal State University- Fresno
    May 2003

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    05/20/11 deborah ford
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    05/20/11 Jeff D'Urso
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    04/22/11 Angela N. Valentine
    04/22/11 Mary A. Paula
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    04/22/11 Ciro DiSclafani
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    06/09/10 Tony Mack
    01/05/10 Monique MacKinnon
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