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Author - I Pledge Allegiance
Parsippany , NJ

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I Pledge Allegiance is a thought provoking novel with a strong moral message. The story sheds light on the hundreds of thousands of forgotten former soldiers that have sacrificed for our country, only to find themselves falling through the cracks of the system. The novel traces the life of one of the many veterans that have become homeless.
A child of the sixties, Todd Smith has called small-town suburban Northen New Jersey home all of his life. Proudly admitting he has achieved the age of fifty, he has made his living in the financial world. Upon entering the field, he won several awards. A gradute of Montclair State University with a major in Finance and a minor in Economics, Todd developed his keen sense of focus by studing and mastering Okinowan-Gojuru karate, eventually earning a Black Belt.

In addition to his work in finance, Todd served as a partner in an award-winning construction restoration company. An entreprenuer by nature, Todd lives with his wife Nanci and his family. Todd helped raise funds for New Jersey%u2019s Viet Nam Veterans memorial while a volunteer with the Jaycees. He has written for trade papers prior to penning I Pledge Allegiance, his first book.

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