Greg Hillson
Director of Business Development, VizQuest Ventures
Needham , MA

Current Work:
  • Director of Business Development at VizQuest Ventures
  • Previous Work:
  • Owner at Stratham Hill Bicycle
  • Education:
  • BA, University of New Hampshire

  • Summary:
    VizQuest Ventures - VizQuest produces new revenue and new customers for clients. Our 'Revenue-Factory' combines a team of Sales Rainmakers with a proven, optimized and scalable approach. We manage sales to closure for our clients.

    Experience working Sales and Marketing for the following organizations:
    - American Ski Company
    - Redhook Brewery
    - Alta Ski Lifts

    Facilitator for GG Consluting Group: provided F500 clients with Leadership, Sales, and Team building retreats for executive and management level employees

    Detailed Experience Summary:

    Director of Business Development at VizQuest Ventures
    March 2007 - Present

    We specialize in generating revenue for technology clients. Utilizing our dedicated team, VizQuest closes business for our clients.

    Owner at Stratham Hill Bicycle
    January 2004 - January 2007

    Owner of full service bicycle shop, specializing in Road, MTB, and Cyclocross bikes and accessories

    Detailed Education Summary:

    BA, University of New Hampshire
    May 2003

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