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Professional Coach for Newer Leaders
Littleton , CO

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A person new to a leadership role who wants to turn overwhelm and self-doubt into clarity and confidence.

Current Work:
  • Leaders Coach at LeaderSavers
  • Owner at Infinite Perspectives LLC
  • Previous Work:
  • Arts Executive at College & University
  • Education:
  • Ed.D., Music Education, Arizona State University
  • M.M., Music Education, Arizona State University
  • B.M., Music Education, University of Arizona

  • Summary:
    CHARLES BOYER, Ed.D., brings confident leadership, excellent organizational skills and a wealth of lifetime experiences to his coaching practice. He works very well with people and is especially interested in coaching emerging leaders in business, education, and community organizations. Charlie also enjoys helping people successfully navigate major life and career transitions (relocation, retirement, restart).
    Life Coaching, Leadership Coaching, Career Coaching, Organizational Skills, Team Building -- it's really all about coaching YOU to CONNECT with the people who are essential to your success; CLARIFY your goals, intentions and communications for positive results; and CREATE and sustain positive, energized work and life environments.

    Detailed Experience Summary:

    Leaders Coach at LeaderSavers
    January 2005 - Present

    Coaching newer leaders to turn 'Survive' into 'Thrive.'

    Owner at Infinite Perspectives LLC
    January 2003 - Present

    Coaches busy professional people, leaders and managers, high achievers, and those ready to break out of the status quo. Charlie also presents dynamic, interactive workshops on 'People Conducting' skills for leaders & managers.

    Arts Executive at College & University
    September 1962 - June 2004

    Arts Executive, Professor, Conductor, Educator in public schools, colleges and universities for more than 40 years.

    Detailed Education Summary:

    Ed.D., Music Education, Arizona State University
    August 1974

    M.M., Music Education, Arizona State University
    February 1969

    B.M., Music Education, University of Arizona
    June 1962

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