Barbara Lopez
The Elevator Pitch Coach, Brightfarm Introductions
Gold River , CA

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Current Work:
  • President at Brightfarm Introductions

  • Summary:
    'When your mouth is OPEN, so is your business. When your mouth is CLOSED, so is your business!'

    When was the last time someone asked you, 'What do you do?', and your mind....went completely blank?

    You KNOW what you do, right? Most professionals freeze up when asked that question because they don't know how to take everything that's so great about who they are and what they have to offer, and condense it down to a clear, concise answer to that question - an elevator pitch!

    Everything in business STARTS with an introduction. It's crucial to have a HIGH impact introduction that not only relays who you are and what you do, but also helps you to STAND OUT and BE REMEMBERED.

    As The Elevator Pitch Coach, I do just that. I teach professionals how to introduce themselves with high impact - giving them the tools they need to craft an effective 30-second introduction (or, I'll actually WRITE one for them), as well as to stand out and be bright - taking away nervous networking jitters.

    When it comes to first impressions, every second counts, because there is no second try.
    Commercial writing (both visual and verbal), creativity, networking, communication, teaching, coaching, organizing, branding.

    Detailed Experience Summary:

    President at Brightfarm Introductions
    September 2003 - Present

    Barbara Lopez, The Elevator Pitch Coach, is President of Brightfarm Introductions, based out of the Sacramento, California area. A professional commercial writer for over five years, Barbara has written visual commercials (called Video Shorts) for businesses and nonprofits to use in email marketing, websites, trade shows and even television. In 2008, Barbara turned the process she uses for creating award winning visual commercials into an easy to follow system for professionals to use to create their verbal commercial, their elevator pitch. As The Elevator Pitch Coach, Barbara now writes professional elevator pitches for business professionals, as well as offers private coaching, workshops and teleseminars. Barbara's clients include professionals throughout the country - from start-up entrepreneurs, work at home professionals, to corporate professionals.

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