Heather Price
Mary Kay, Send Out Cards, WowWe, Social Media manager
Cleveland , OH

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My Best Referral Is:
My best referral is someone who is open to trying a new skin care routine--- you or a friend or family member--- ESPECIALLY if you're currently using soap and water- you'll be amazed at the difference. I'll send you samples and you'll let me know what you think! I also help fellow direct sales professionals market their businesses via greeting card/postcard campaigns, video emails, and social media.

Current Work:
  • Distributor at Send Out Cards
  • Sales Director at Mary Kay Cosmetics
  • Education:
  • MAEd, Education, University of Judaism
  • BA, philosophy, Near Eastern Judaic Studies, Brandeis University

  • Detailed Experience Summary:

    Distributor at Send Out Cards
    April 2008 - Present

    Have you ever lost a client because you've dropped the ball on keeping in touch and didn't follow through? It's so frustrating- what if there was a system that did that for you? Have you ever wished you had someone to print your marketing materials, stuff envelopes, address them and mail them for you? Wouldn't it be nice if you could just click one button and include a gift too? That's what I do- I set you up with a system that does just that.... plus it reminds you when birthdays are coming up. The result is better retention and increased referrals from your clients, a more streamlined marketing system, and you'll never again forget a birthday. You will feel much more organized and accomplished when you can send 700 holiday cards in five minutes.

    Sales Director at Mary Kay Cosmetics
    August 2000 - Present

    Are you ever in a rush in the morning and you find you're out of your favorite foundation- there goes your confidence! Have you ever wished you had a skin care program that was customized for your needs by a consultant who calls you from time to time to check in? Have you ever wished the grocery store would call you to tell you that you're probably running low on eggs? That's what I do- I send you home with skin care and color products which meet your specific needs and call you from time to time to make sure you're still loving everything and to make sure you're not about to run out. The result is smoother, softer, younger looking skin. Clients feel better about their appearance which gives them the self confidence they need in their lives. Business opportunity available!

    Detailed Education Summary:

    MAEd, Education, University of Judaism
    May 1998

    BA, philosophy, Near Eastern Judaic Studies, Brandeis University
    May 1996

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